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A comprehensive Traffic Travis Review.Traffic Travis Review diagram of web marketing

There are many Traffic Travis review pages that discuss the virtues and shortcomings of the popular site analysis and keyword tool. Most Reviews hardly break the surface and leave the reader with a general overview of Traffic Travis. Lets take a closer look at how Traffic Travis can play an important part in your online marketing strategy.

What can Traffic Travis do for you?

One of the great benefits of this service is, it’s free! So the price is right for this valuable tool. I don’t think I have ever seen mention of this fact in any Traffic Travis Review. There is a paid version that offers a lot of valuable bells and whistles but when starting out the free program is perfect and very powerful.

The goal of Traffic Travis is not merely to give you keywords, but to give you a complete overview of your niche and your competitors. So, while other programs focus on keyword analysis, this one will also go into greater detail for PPC data and your competition’s site structure. Here is the Traffic Travis Rundown.

Keyword Research .

The most popular feature to any Traffic Travis review is the keyword research. The keyword researcher works by taking a search term of your choosing and spitting out 20-2,000 keywords related to the term. Everything is automated as should be in this millennium, I love automated. Instead of just one sites data you will get data from both Yahoo! And Microsofts search engines as well, this way you will clearly see the total daily searches for a keyword. Keywords are saved in a file for later or edited to remove the deadwood.

SEO Research.

Do you want to know site performance for different keywords? Simple. Enter your list of Keywords add a domain name and whisk. you will see where each keyword or phrase lists in each search engine. Tons of data is now available to analyze to your heart’s content. Dig into your pages using the page analysis and see a detailed report for that domain. Get reports that will include lists of links, traffic rankings, page rank, meta tags, top key words and header data. Phew. I get dizzy just thinking about that kind of info. In short, it’s an instant breakdown of how well you’re performing in SEO.

PPC Data.

Any good Traffic Travis review has to hit on the value of this tool for PPC research. Traffic Travis knows the number of ads for your keyword phrase. He knows the top sites for that keyword, and a list of the most popular keywords in that group. Travis will tell you in an instant who is advertising for what and which phrases actually work and whats more, which ones make money!


The most popular tool in any Traffic Travis Review, allowing you to see page ranks, age, directory listings, back links, title tags and all the data you will ever need for SEO improvement or domination. Basically, you can see what things each site has and then make your site better in those categories.

The Bottom Line.

This Traffic Travis Review has shown not only everything the software is capable of, it has also demonstrated how much easier it has made life for online marketers. Traffic Travis gives you all the gear you need to test your sites check your competition, choose keywords and make sure your PPC campaign will bring good healthy rewards. After all PPC is not the thing you want to be speculating with. For that kind of peace of mind, most marketers would give anything. The time you will save with Traffic Travis will affect the way you do business for ever. This is a real game changer.

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