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Online Marketing

Fundamentals for Online Marketing.

Up to date online marketing tips or ancient ones from last year. Yes, many people have become very wealthy marketing online. How does a new online marketer know what advice to follow and what to ignore? Develop your unique strategies using the simple tips in this article.

Internet marketing starts and ends with your audience and how you approach them. So, before you can do anything, you need to do some research and learn about your niche and your audience.

Niche Research for online marketing.

– Niche research involves getting to know who your potential customers will be. Use sites like Clickbank and Amazon to check both good products and demand. Just a little time on Amazon will give you great insight free. After all they are dominating the Marketplace so it’s the least they can do. More than 20 reviews means that thousands of purchases have been made. Learn from the experts in blogs and forums about the specific niche you are in. Look at everything from your target customers needs.

Researching keywords is a royal pain. Perhaps some find it fascinating but other than seeing how many times people search for freaky things I get bored. However I persevere because it is such an important aspect of online marketing. One of the best Internet marketing tips I can give you is to spend as much time as possible learning about keywords from tools like Traffic Travis and running through them in AdWords or competition searches. Compile list of phrases that you should target well.

Your Website for online marketing.

Now you have an idea of your audience and product niche it’s time to start building your website. There are many sites you can build – from blogs to forums to squeeze pages or full-blown sales letters.

Sales writing. Writing good copy as they say in the trade. No matter what you write 200 words or 15000 words. If it’s a sales letter, learn the basics and make sure the letter sells. has a free book that will help the complete novice to master writing professional sales copy. There are dozens of methods you can use to generate interest in your product – from powerful headlines with benefit laden product descriptions to carefully worded guarantees and pitches.

Email Marketing – One of the most important Internet Marketing tips you’ll ever receive is to setup an account with an autoresponder service like AWeber of GetResponse and start gathering email addresses from within your niche. Put a newsletter subscription on your page. i have one on this page, there is no pressure to sign up for it because I don’t want you to unless you think you can really benefit from it. It is good to offer things for free to attract people who you know will love your niche. Offer a mini course over several days or weeks. Offer a free e-book or report that will be too good to refuse.

Getting Traffic.

Without traffic things may be slow and boring. Good quality back links and SEO is the answer.

Social Marketing and going viral.

Fill your web up with as much content that points back to you. This is exciting when you let your creativity flow. Social media is used to place interesting and relevant content that your readers will follow. Facebook, twitter, Digg and YouTube are great places to start with. You can also use a blog to create an authority destination and set yourself up as an expert.

Most marketers will submit articles to directories and post on forums and blogs. It is tough finding good quality places to post and get the kind of back links that will make a real difference. A tool like SEO Quake is a huge help. Use a trusted site tool to find government sites or directories that you can get listed on as well. Ultimately, your goal as an Internet marketer is to know your audience, reach your audience, and then funnel as much of that audience as possible back to your site where they can buy your products. Once you master those basics, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the next big marketing success.

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