Make money on eBay

I love to make money on eBay.

I always have more products than I do customers which is why I find it easy to make money on eBay. Most marketers today are learning to come to grips with the huge potential of the eBay market. As much as I try I just cannot imagine the size of eBay.

eBay sign. Make money on eBay

Make money on eBay. It’s huge. Yes it’s right in front of us all but to make money on eBay you need a few simple skills. Read on.


Millions of buyers willing to interact with millions of sellers. It is a powerful marketplace and so exciting for the entrepreneur able to plug into that power. Choose your niche. Find out how your products fit into that niche and market them accordingly.

Surf eBay and find out what you are interested in and research what sells and what doesn’t. You can also visit sites like Amazon or Clickbank and review hot niche products. Learn how to read the minds of your niche fans. It’s not that hard and the time spent will pay off. Read their reviews, visit forums and blogs and check their buying habits in eBays feedback forums.

It’s so much easier selling products that your customers actually want so this step is crucial. Don’t just sell whatever is easiest just because it’s convenient for you. Perhaps you can profit by skimming loads of areas and not specializing but you will be missing out on the serious money. As for which products to sell, you have many options.

I love drop shipping. Drop shipping is the great service of delivering the product straight to the buyer and processing the payment. Add as much as you think fair and you keep that for all your trouble. For many marketers, learning how to make money on eBay starts and ends with dropshipping, and services like SaleHoo.

There are other options as well, including digital products from sites like Clickbank or software from Avangate. You can also buy lots and wholesale from other sellers and then break them up to resell for a profit. Buying in bulk will need some financial outlay and shipping and storage must be taken into consideration.

How to Make Money on eBay through Auctions.

While there is something to be said for classifieds, the big money on eBay comes through carefully worded, well researched auction listings. eBay is not just a store front. It is a way to engage with your customers. Get to know their needs and sell sell sell to them. It is really important to get yourself and eBay store. I would recommend you start with a basic plan of $15 per month. You will be provided with a URL, searchable index. You will also save money on your listing fees.

When you have your feet wet and you are seeing the money pouring in consider the $299 premium plan which will cut your listing fees significantly plus you get really comprehensive analytics so you will know your buyers habits.

When someone asks how to make money on eBay, they often skip the next step  copywriting. I am sure you have read 300 words of blurb with lousy grammar. Who buys those? Be persuasive and take pride in being trustworthy and professional.

Make your listing as glossy and professional as you can. List the key features and the benefits. Put your best foot forward. Dont just tell someone you’re selling a new iPod. You customer needs to understand all the benefits of owning this precious item, bring it to life.

eBay is not a Yard sale.

To master making money on eBay you must remember this. Try to imagine eBay as a store that is in every part of the world all at once. Your customers may be used to shopping in quality stores and they don’t want to buy from some badly worded ugly listing.

These are not stats but real people and eBay is a real business and it is not all about the price. Maintain high feedback ratings, keep customer service at the top of you priority list and start studying the intricacies of copywriting. Together, these strategies will guarantee a stronger, more successful eBay business.

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