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That is the question I often get asked. Being an “infropreneur’ may sound stupid and it does sound stupid, but it is just one of the many new jobs that has popped up as a result of e-business. We love to have labels for people and always will, so although I would prefer to be called an “online muppet”, I sometimes have to accept whatever term is thrown my way. Usually a lazy git that just plays on his computer all day. If you want to get these Philistines of your back you gotta go legit: Continue reading

The Best Domain Hosting ever.

Best domain Hosting

As many of you know we have been managing for 14 years now. 2 years ago we switched our website to BLUEHOST.COM and have not looked back. It was a great day when we left all the hassle of our other hosts behind. Blue host have been great, no hassle low cost great service, what more is there. The help desk is so good I am thinking of calling them up for advice on my golf swing. Really, if you want the best domain hosting ever CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR BLUEHOST.COM

Making Money Online by Get a Guru



How to make money online.

Making Money Online, there are hundreds of ways and by the time I have written this there will be a few more.

The simplest method of making money online is posting content on an empty site with AdSense, the most complicated method is with membership sites and thousands of dollars worth of content, the opportunities are  there if you are really interested in making a fortune you can. Continue reading

Elance Review



A good, honest Elance review

Is much-needed, here’s why.  They are the largest collection of independent contractors and freelancers on the planet in fields like programming, writing, graphics and admin assistance.

If you want to hire a contractor to help create content for your next project, you need to know if Elance is up to the task. Continue reading

Make Money on You Tube


I love You Tube. It is one of my favourite sites, I have to limit my time on there because it just draws me in for ever. Do you wonder how to make money on You Tube? You are not alone, countless businesses and people all want to make money from a huge variety of creative videos. I love to make videos, something that less than a decade ago was almost impossible is now at the finger tips of millions of creative people. Lets Make some money… Continue reading

Get more traffic

How to Get More Traffic

Do you want more traffic. Do you actually want people to read all the great content you have created? Do you want traffic and money pouring in.There are an ever-increasing way to get loads of people to visit your site so they can snarf up all your great stuff and bring you fame, fortune and notoriety. GetaGuru are happy to bring you some of the most effective ways to bring in more traffic. Continue reading

Internet marketing Guru, 200 you can trust.

Internet marketing Guru. List of 200.

If you are a seasoned internet marketer or a complete novice you must always be on the look out for good sources of information that you can trust. Take lame advice from one self-proclaimed Guru will be a major setback in both time and money. Here is a list of online marketing Gurus that have been there done it twice and come back again.

Use this list to find a real life Internet Marketing guru you can trust.
I respect these people and demand high standards and integrity from them, so please if any of them don’t live up to your expectations let me know in the comments below. Continue reading

Serious Shortage of bath buddies

Choice of Pink, white or blue
We can no longer get hold of these amazing bath time buddies. We still have Ivory scrubby’s left but when we run out we may never be able to get them again. This is a big deal for those who remember the last bath scrubby shortage, it was a fiasco and some people did some mean things to get hold of their scrubby, you know you are. So you have been warned. 


Ivory bath scrubber: $5.99