GetaGuru Mojo Rising ….Be Happy !!

Amping up for the 4th of july we want to GetaGuru mojo rising. We are spreading party spirit with happy songs. Let us know your happy songs, post them, sing them and dance to them. It’s time to GetaGurued up and sing a happy song. Spread the joy. This is an official GetaGuru challenge and if you are reading this and don’t feel like playing your happy song, then you are just the person that must do this. Happy songs get us through the hard and low times. A little bit of Happy online goes an unbelievably long way, so sing, dance and share your song. we thank everyone who has already inspired us with their happy songs.

D.G our super Sales Guru has started us off with her happy pick of the day.

This is my pick of the day, also the first vinyl record I ever bought,

also since I am writing this I am going to get carried away with a second choice and great dance routine.

My dad added this one.

Let us know your favorite songs so we can fill this post up with Happy:-) If you can please post your happy You Tube Video in the comments.



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